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Welcome to Steve & Keith’s Equality Walk

Steven Mcintyre

Steven McIntyre

Thanks for visiting our annual equality walk page to support the important work of Garden State Equality.

We care about GSE because it fights for equality every day, passing laws and advocating for safe schools, protections for seniors, and equal access to healthcare. Garden State Equality is even responsible for our marriage eight years ago. Really! (Google “GSE v. Paula Dow.”)

Did you know that gay people can be legally evicted from their homes in 18 states just because they are gay? If we rented a house in Georgia, say, we could get married on a Sunday and then immediately kicked out of our home on Monday. Legally! And 21 states still allow stores, restaurants, hotels and other public accommodations to discriminate against LGBTQ people just because they’re gay. Luckily New Jersey isn’t one of those states, but even here we continue to fight to protect students from being bullied and transgender people from being harassed by the healthcare industry, among many other challenges.

It takes a lot of resources to work the system to secure wins in the courts and the legislature. Please make a donation of any amount to help win equality in New Jersey and across the country. Whether you donate $5 or $500, every little bit helps.

Thank you! Love, Steve & Keith


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